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Falcon Heavy Delivers STP-2 on Spectacular First ‘Night Shift’ Launch

A single 8:41 second long-exposure captures the launch, ascent, stage separations and re-entry and landing burns of the Falcon Heavy, which delivered STP-2 to space for the Dept of Defense on its first night launch at 2:30am Eastern on 25 June 2019. Photo: Alan Walters / AmericaSpace.com The world’s most powerful in-service launch vehicle roared aloft for its third mission ...

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Review: One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon by Charles Fishman Simon & Schuster, 2019 hardcover, 480 pp., illus. ISBN 978-1-5011-0629-3 US$29.99 This summer is one of celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, including the series of books about the mission and events around the country, as well as product tie-ins on ...

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Inside the mind of the visionary who pioneered wireless power transmission

For reasons not entirely clear, in the spring of 1964 something moved William C. Brown to begin keeping a journal to capture his involvement and developments concerning microwave power transmission. He persisted in writing regular entries for the subsequent 35 years, leaving a technological, sociological, and deeply personal treasure trove of information. The result is a poignant and rich exploration ...

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