Daily Archives: 07.05.2021

We Could Detect Extraterrestrial Satellite Megaconstellations Within a few Hundred Light-Years

Starlink is one of the most ambitious space missions we’ve ever undertaken. The current plan is to put 12,000 communication satellites in low-Earth orbit, with the possibility of another 30,000 later. Just getting them into orbit is a huge engineering challenge, and with so many chunks of metal in orbit, some folks worry it could lead to a cascade of ...

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Starlink launch marks 100 missions since an in-flight Falcon rocket failure

A Falcon 9 rocket takes off Tuesday with 60 Starlink satellites. Credit: SpaceX The oldest Falcon 9 booster in SpaceX’s operational rocket fleet sent 60 more Starlink internet satellites into space Tuesday with a launch from historic pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With the 60 satellites launched Tuesday, SpaceX has sent 1,565 Starlink spacecraft into orbit ...

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Blue Origin Targets NET 20 July for First Crewed New Shepard Flight

The New Shepard crew capsule descents via parachute to its West Texas landing site following last month’s flight. Photo Credit: Blue Origin Sixty years to the day since its Project Mercury namesake became America’s first man in space, Blue Origin announced on Wednesday that its next New Shepard booster will fly later this summer with a six-strong human crew. “On ...

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