Daily Archives: 18.05.2021

Cosmic Opportunities №32

New week, new opportunities and news. Recently we have published a brief article about the “Orbital Insight”, the things in the company going not as good as many can expect. Now we see that one more talented employee has left the company and now working on Facebook. Such drastic changes in a career arise many questions. All in all, something ...

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Helping robots collaborate to get the job done

Algorithm enables robot teams to complete missions, such as mapping or search-and-rescue, with minimal wasted effort. Sometimes, one robot isn’t enough. Consider a search-and-rescue mission to find a hiker lost in the woods. Rescuers might want to deploy a squad of wheeled robots to roam the forest, perhaps with the aid of drones scouring the scene from above. The benefits ...

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Irish family firms need to act on climate change – PwC

The data reveals that Irish family businesses lag their global counterparts in terms of climate action Almost 60% of Irish family businesses feel they have a responsibility to fight climate change and its related consequences, but just 35% say it is their top priority – according to PwC’s latest Irish Family Business survey. The data reveals that Irish family businesses ...

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