Daily Archives: 27.05.2021

World’s smallest fruit picker controlled by artificial intelligence

Inspired by insects that suck nutrients directly from plant veins, physicists from DTU have studied whether valuable chemical substances can be harvested directly from the cells of plants. Using a harvester measuring only a few microns, they have now achieved a technological breakthrough. The goal of Kaare Hartvig Jensen, Associate Professor at DTU Physics, was to reduce the need for ...

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The Elements for Life Depend on Both how and Where a Planet Forms

In the past few decades, the number of planets discovered beyond our Solar System has grown into the thousands. At present, 4,389 exoplanets have been confirmed in 3,260 systems, with another 5,941 candidates awaiting confirmation. Thanks to numerous follow-up observations and studies, scientists have learned a great deal about the types of planets that exist in our Universe, how planets ...

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Six people aged over 13 allowed at indoor dining tables

Tables will have to be at least one metre apart both outdoors and indoors under the refreshed rules (File pic: RollingNews.ie) A maximum of six people aged 13 years and over will be allowed per table when restaurants, pubs and cafés open next month. However, Covid-19 safety guidelines issued this morning by Fáilte Ireland also say that when accompanying children ...

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