Daily Archives: 01.08.2021

Robotically wound natural fibre construction

The building industry is currently facing the challenge of consuming fewer resources and is thus moving towards sustainable development. This requires new resource-efficient approaches in architecture with regard to the use of renewable materials. In a joint project, researchers from the Universities of Freiburg and Stuttgart together with master’s students from the University of Stuttgart have designed a lightweight pavilion. ...

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Lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Fuel Tanks Pass a Critical Test, and Could Knock a lot of Weight off a Rocket’s dry Mass

Material science is still the unsung hero of space exploration.  Rockets are flashier, and control systems more precise, but they are useless without materials that withstand the immense temperatures of forces required to get people and things off the planet.  Now a team from MT Aerospace, working on a grant from ESA, has developed a new type of material that ...

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Ulster Bank announces changes to its product offering

Ulster bank recorded a net impairment release of €13 million reflecting improvements in the its mortgage portfolio Ulster Bank has announced changes to its product offering as it continues its phased withdrawal from the market in the Republic of Ireland. The bank said it was starting to phase out new products and services it offer customers. It will no longer ...

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