Daily Archives: 03.08.2021

World’s largest engine manufacturer employed a driverless transport system to improve its logistics

Usually when we are talking about logistics we imagine ships, planes and trucks travelling between huge warehouses and factories. However, logistic operations inside huge industrial plants are not much easier, because journeys of various components and finished products need to be planned very precisely. That is why the world’s largest engine manufacturer had to employ an innovative solution to its ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №43

Alan Bean – Armstrong, Aldrin, and an American Eagle Good day to our fellow readers. Plenty of things have had happened in the past week and we are ready to share something interesting. Enjoy reading. Dennis Kautz – 08’21 has left the “ApisProtect”, he was Vice President of Sales. Has returned to “Farmers Business Network”, in the position of Senior ...

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EU-backed Fund Teases ‘Digital Asset’ Investment Drive in a Surprise Move

Source: iStock/richterfoto A fund that is backed by EU bodies such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission is set to back a project “specializing in blockchain technologies” that will “invest in traditional equity as well as software tokens and other digital assets.” In a press release from the fund, the European Investment Fund (EIF), its operators ...

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