Daily Archives: 20.09.2021

Thousands begin return to office as Covid measures ease

The Health and Safety Authority is to continue to be the lead agency around workplace compliance with protocols Tens of thousands of workers across the country started returning to their offices and places of work today, as Covid-19 restrictions ease further. Rules around organised indoor group activities are also being relaxed, while limits on outdoor group activities for participants are ...

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NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Captures a Mars Rock Feature in 3D

The rotorcraft captures nuances of rocky outcrop during aerial reconnaissance.   NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter provided a 3D view of a rock-covered mound during its 13th flight on Sept. 4. The plan for this reconnaissance mission into the “South Seítah” region of Mars’ Jezero Crater was to capture images of this geologic target – nicknamed “Faillefeu” (after a medieval abbey in ...

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