Daily Archives: 24.09.2021

I Know You Can’t See Me: Dynamic Occlusion-Aware Safety Validation of Strategic Planners for Autonomous Vehicles Using Hypergames

Most of the assessment of risk from occlusion in autonomous vehicles (AV) has been so far focused on static occlusion, i.e., occlusions caused by trees, buildings, parked cars, etc. On the other hand, situations of dynamic occlusion (occlusion caused by another vehicle in traffic) have unique challenges and can appear unexpectedly at any moment in traffic. Therefore, a recent study ...

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Video: Inspiration4 booster returns to SpaceX hangar for refurbishment

 The Falcon 9 rocket used last week to launch the all-civilian Inspiration4 crew into space has returned to a SpaceX hangar at Kennedy Space Center for refurbishment ahead of a future mission. On Thursday, the 156-foot booster rode SpaceX’s rocket transporter from Port Canaveral through Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and Kennedy Space Center toward Hangar X, the company’s ...

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Although it’s Quiet Today, Mars Once had Thousands of Volcanic Eruptions on its Surface

Earth is a geologically active planet, which means it has plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions that have not ceased. This activity extends all the way to the core, where action between a liquid outer core and a solid inner core generates a planetary magnetic field. In comparison, Mars is an almost perfect example of a “stagnant lid” planet, where geological ...

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