Daily Archives: 09.10.2021

Lower deficit forecast due to underspend and tax take

The White Paper’s publication on the weekend prior to the Budget is required under the Constitution A record amount of corporation tax and an underspend by some Government departments will deliver a much lower deficit in the public finances than forecast. A general Government deficit for this year of €13.2 billion is set out in the White Paper published last ...

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Flying High-Speed Drones into the Unknown with AI

Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a new approach to autonomously fly quadrotors through unknown, complex environments at high speeds using only on-board sensing and computation. The new approach could be useful in emergencies, on construction sites or for security applications. When it comes to exploring complex and unknown environments such as forests, buildings or caves, drones are ...

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Japanese satellite launch facing weeks-long delay

Japan’s fifth Epsilon rocket, originally set for liftoff Sept. 30, is visible inside a gantry structure at the Uchinoura Space Center. Credit: JAXA The launch of a solid-fueled Japanese Epsilon rocket with nine small satellites, originally scheduled to blastoff last week, has been grounded until after the flight of a larger H-2A launcher later this month, Japan’s space agency said ...

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