Daily Archives: 11.10.2021

Tánaiste hints at supports for businesses in Budget

Leo Varadkar also indicated there may be supports for the aviation sectors announced (file image) The Tánaiste has hinted that the Government intends to extend a range of supports for businesses, including the wage support scheme, in tomorrow’s Budget. Speaking at the launch of Enterprise Ireland’s International Markets Week, Leo Varadkar also indicated there may be supports for the aviation ...

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How Bodies Get Smarts: Simulating the Evolution of Embodied Intelligence

An in silico playground for creatures that learn, mutate, and evolve establishes the importance of morphological intelligence and suggests a new way to optimize embodied AIs. Animals have embodied smarts: They perform tasks that their bodies are well designed for. That’s because the intelligence of every animal species evolved in tandem with its physical form as it interacted with its ...

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Secondary payloads launched with Landsat begin commissioning

Students at Boston University work with CuPID spacecraft during pre-launch testing. Credit: NASA Ground teams are stepping through testing of three small CubeSats launched with the Landsat 9 remote sensing satellite last month, preparing the small spacecraft for exoplanet observations and communications experiments. NASA says engineers have not established contact with another CubeSat designed for space weather research. Four CubeSats ...

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