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Daily Archives: 15.10.2021

Demand for retrofitting soars amid energy price hikes

Unsurprisingly, the main reason for wanting to make their home more energy efficient was to help reduce energy bills Almost half of consumers are planning to make their homes more energy efficient over the next three years, according to new research by Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI). The research comes as this week’s Budget announced €202 million from carbon ...

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These neural networks know what they’re doing

A certain type of artificial intelligence agent can learn the cause-and-effect basis of a navigation task during training. Neural networks can learn to solve all sorts of problems, from identifying cats in photographs to steering a self-driving car. But whether these powerful, pattern-recognizing algorithms actually understand the tasks they are performing remains an open question. Image credit: Free-Photos cia Pixabay (Free ...

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Atlas 5 rocket rolls out to launch pad with NASA’s Lucy asteroid probe

Credit: Alex Polimeni/Spaceflight Now An Atlas 5 rocket emerged from its hangar and rolled to a launch pad at Cape Canaveral Thursday with NASA’s Lucy asteroid probe. The launch of the Lucy spacecraft Saturday will mark the final planetary science mission in the storied history of the Atlas program. The 188-foot-tall (57.3-meter) Atlas 5 rocket rolled out of United Launch ...

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How to Prevent our Spacecraft From Contaminating Mars

Mars has become something of an international playground over the past twenty years. There are currently eleven missions from five space agencies exploring the Red Planet, a combination of orbiters, landers, and rovers. Several additional robotic missions will be leaving for Mars in the next few years, and crewed missions are planned for the 2030s. Because of this increase in ...

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