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Daily Archives: 21.10.2021

Finance Bill puts Budget changes into legislation

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has published the Finance Bill today The Department of Finance has published the Finance Bill 2021 which puts into legislation changes announced in last week’s Budget. It also includes several changes not announced on Budget day. These are mostly technical changes to the tax code and include a broadening of the Film Relief tax credit to ...

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DETR3D: 3D Object Detection from Multi-view Images via 3D-to-2D Queries

3D object detection from visual information is a difficult task for low-cost autonomous driving systems. A prototype of an unmanned car. Precision of object detection is crucially important for such type of transport. Image credit: BP63Vincent via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0 Most current methods build the detection pipelines purely from 2D computations without considering the 3D scene structure or sensor configuration. A ...

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Watch live: South Korean satellite launcher set for first test flight

EDITOR’S NOTE: South Korea’s science ministry will stream the Nuri rocket launch live beginning at 1:30 a.m. EDT (0530 GMT) Thursday, Oct. 21. South Korea’s new three-stage, liquid-fueled Nuri launcher is scheduled to blast off Thursday on the country’s first attempt to place an object into orbit with an entirely homegrown rocket. The launch Thursday is the culmination of a nearly ...

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There are 6×10^80 Bits of Information in the Observable Universe

Since the beginning of the Digital Age (ca. the 1970s), theoretical physicists have speculated about the possible connection between information and the physical Universe. Considering that all matter is made up of information that describes the state of a quantum system (aka. quantum information), and genetic information is coded in our DNA, it’s not farfetched at all to think that ...

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