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Daily Archives: 22.10.2021

Cosmic Opportunities №54

Hello to our fellow readers. We are ready to present a portion of fresh news. Let’s start from the “Blue Origin”, it seems that the company continues to lose talented employees and didn’t worrying too much about this sad fact. In the “Descartes Labs” situation not much better, when board members leave the company this means something. Enjoy the reading! ...

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MuJoCo: Opening up a Physics Simulator for Robotics

The interactions with objects in our world are possible because of physical contact. Its simulation is an indispensable yet difficult task for robotics researchers. DeepMind has recently announced making the MuJoCo physics simulator freely available. Image credit: MuJoCo MuJoCo stands for Multi-Joint Dynamics with Contact. It accurately and efficiently captures the salient features of contacting objects. While other simulators sometimes ...

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South Korean rocket fails to reach orbit on inaugural test flight

South Korea’s first domestically produced satellite launcher failed to reach orbit on its inaugural test flight Thursday. A preliminary review of data indicated the rocket’s third stage shut down early, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute said. The Nuri rocket lifted off from the Naro Space Center, built on an island nearly 300 miles (500 kilometers) south of Seoul at 4 ...

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