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Daily Archives: 24.10.2021

Transition to low carbon future critical to SMEs – BPFI

Only 21% of non-domestic buildings constructed between 2015 and 2021 received an A rating The latest SME Market Monitor published by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland has identified energy costs and the transition to a low carbon future as critical to the future of Irish SMEs. It highlights the lag which now exists between the energy performance of commercial premises ...

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Zoomers Are Poised To Drive The Entrepreneurship Boom

Generation Z, individuals currently between the ages of 16 and 24, may become the most entrepreneurial generation the world has ever seen. The reasons for that involve sweeping cultural and sociological trends. The key enablers of those next-gen founders will be modern digital technologies: Social networks that make reaching large audiences possible; knowledge platforms that teach valuable business skills; and ...

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How Boston Dynamics Is Building Its Robot Empire

The name of Boston Dynamics has been already well-established in the world of companies that develop and manufacture robots. In fact, Boston Dynamics is also one of the most innovative engineering ventures relentlessly improving their existing designs while also pursuing new and more radical innovative ideas. Spot – one of the most famous creations from Boston Dynamics. Image credit: CNBC ...

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