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Daily Archives: 26.10.2021

Facebook earns $9bn despite whistleblower scandal

Facebook is investing billions to build the “metaverse” Facebook will start publishing the financial results of its augmented and virtual reality labs as a separate unit, where it is investing billions in its ambitions to build the “metaverse” and as it reported that its main advertising business faces “significant uncertainty.” Facebook, which reported third-quarter profit up 17%, warned that Apple’s ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №55

Illustration created by Pierre Mion. Hello to our fellow readers. Weekly publication is here, fresh news awaits you. Enjoy the reading! Cameron Houser – 10’21 has left the “Farmer’s Business Network”, she was VP Operations and Strategy. James Racofsky – 10’21 has left the “Cape Analytics”, he was Director of Enterprise Sales. Took office as Vice President Of Business Development ...

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Tiger Global And SoftBank Vision Fund Vie For Top Slot As Q3’s Biggest Startup Investor

The heaviest spenders in the venture capital world are showing no signs of paring down. If anything, the two most famously deep-pocketed investors–Tiger Global Management and the SoftBank Vision Fund–appear to be putting more capital to work. Those are the findings from our latest quarterly tally of the most active global startup investors.  In it, we find that the 14 ...

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One giant leap for the mini cheetah

A new control system, demonstrated using MIT’s robotic mini cheetah, enables four-legged robots to jump across uneven terrain in real-time. A loping cheetah dashes across a rolling field, bounding over sudden gaps in the rugged terrain. The movement may look effortless, but getting a robot to move this way is an altogether different prospect. In recent years, four-legged robots inspired ...

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A new Climate Model Suggests That Venus Never had Oceans

Thanks to evidence provided by missions like NASA’s Magellan spacecraft, scientists have theorized that Venus likely experienced a catastrophic resurfacing event about 500 million years ago (give or take 200 Mya). This is believed to be the reason why Venus is such a hellish place today, with an atmosphere that is 92 times as dense as Earth’s, predominantly composed of ...

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