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Daily Archives: 27.10.2021

The Market Minute: Goodbye 6-Month Lockups?

The 180-day stock lockup period used to be the standard for traditional IPOs. But that’s quickly changing thanks to the increasing popularity of early lockup releases, particularly for technology companies. I got interested in the idea of ELRs, as they’re known, after chatting with Joshua McGinn, senior vice president of western region relationship management at the professional services firm AST. ...

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Rethinking Trust in Social Robotics

How soon do you think you will encounter an autonomous robot in your day-to-day life?  The question of trust between robots and humans will have to become the basis of the entire social robotics. Image credit: epSos.de via Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0) If your answer was not “never”, you probably expect human-robot interaction to start happening soon & its frequency ...

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