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Daily Archives: 02.11.2021

Flutter cuts guidance on unfavourable sports results

Paddy Power owner Flutter Entertainment said its revenues rose by 12% to £1.439 billion from £1.325 billion Paddy Power, Betfair and Fanduel owner Flutter Entertainment has cut its full year profit guidance, sending its shares sharply lower after gamblers enjoyed a winning streak in October. The world’s largest online betting group said it expects full-year adjusted EBITDA of between £1.24 ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №56

Hello to our fellow readers. This time two giants “Fugro” and “MDA” lost several employees from a quite important positions. We have doubts that this can somehow affect the companies but gives us something to think about. Enjoy the reading! Vladislavs Leonovs – 10’21 has left the “Fugro”, he was SDPO on MPSV/ROV/Light Construction Vessel. Oliver Murray – 10’21 has ...

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Astrobotics, wants to space, but stuck on Earth

Even though the first man set foot on the Moon 52 years ago, this satellite still has many mysteries for scientific and commercial organizations that continue to explore it. Astrobotic is one such company as it is a developer of robotics for lunar and planetary missions. It was founded in 2007 by a staff of The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon ...

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Robot trained to remove weeds from organic fields

A large image database forms the basis for the training of a small robot which—in future—will remove unwanted weeds from organic pastures. In future, a robot the size of a large lawnmower will help organic farmers remove dock weeds from their pastures. The dock is a big problem because it takes up space from the plants in the field that ...

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Crew Dragon launch delayed by “minor medical issue” with an astronaut

STORY WRITTEN FOR  & USED WITH PERMISSION ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer, NASA pilot Tom Marshburn, commander Raja Chari, and mission specialist Kayla Barron inside the crew access arm at launch pad 39A during a dry dress rehearsal Oct. 28. Credit: SpaceX The planned launch of a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule Wednesday carrying four astronauts to the International Space Station has been ...

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Scientists Simulate the Climate of Arrakis. It Turns Out Dune is a Pretty Realistic Exoplanet

Science fiction author Frank Herbert is renowned for the richly-detailed worlds he created. None of his work is more well-known than “Dune,” which took him six years to complete. Like his other work, Dune is full of detail, including the description of planet Dune, or as the Fremen call it, Arrakis. Dune is an unforgiving desert world that suffers powerful ...

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