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Daily Archives: 03.11.2021

PTBS to introduce negative interest rates

The Permanent TSB move is set to impact about 200 customers Permanent TSB has become the latest Irish bank to introduce negative interest rate on large deposits. The move, which takes effect from December 1 on the expiry of customers’ fixed term deposits, will impact around 200 customers. Collectively they have around €450m on deposit with the lender, sources have ...

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One autonomous taxi, please

Self-driving Roboats, developed at MIT, set sea in Amsterdam canals. If you don’t get seasick, an autonomous boat might be the right mode of transportation for you. Scientists from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Senseable City Laboratory, together with Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) in the Netherlands, have now created the final ...

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Tom Marshburn brings extensive spaceflight experience to Crew-3 mission

 NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn, a medical doctor and veteran of launches on the space shuttle and Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft, joins three rookie space fliers on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon “Endurance” poised for liftoff on mission to the International Space Station. The 61-year-old astronaut has logged 161 days in space on two previous missions. Marshburn is ready to more than double ...

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Could our Universe be Someone’s Chemistry Project?

It is a pivotal time for astrophysicists, cosmologists, and philosophers alike. In the coming years, next-generation space and ground-based telescopes will come online that will use cutting-edge technology and machine learning to probe the deepest depths of the cosmos. What they find there, with any luck, will allow scientists to address some of the most enduring questions about the origins ...

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