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Daily Archives: 04.11.2021

Bank of England keeps UK interest rates on hold

The Bank of England kept alive the prospect of tighter monetary policy soon The Bank of England kept interest rates on hold today, dashing investors’ expectations for a hike that would have made it the first of the world’s big central banks to raise rates after the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Bank of England kept alive the prospect of tighter ...

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Why Startup Investors Are Putting More Money Into Insurtech

Insurance—an industry known for veteran brands and a cautious approach to risk—might seem a strange fit for the move-fast-and-break-things ethos of the startup world, but that hasn’t dissuaded venture capitalists from scaling up. So far this year, investors have put just over $6 billion into U.S. insurance and insurtech-focused startups, per the latest Crunchbase data. With just over two months ...

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Works well with robots?

Blame it on HAL 9000, Clippy’s constant cheerful interruptions, or any navigational system leading delivery drivers to dead-end destinations. In the workspace, people and robots don’t always get along. But as more artificial intelligence systems and robots aid human workers, building trust between them is key to getting the job done. One University of Georgia professor is seeking to bridge that ...

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China launches two classified military satellites

A Long March 2C rocket lifts off with two Yaogan 32 Chinese military satellites. Credit: CASC China launched two classified military satellites Wednesday on top of a Long March 2C rocket augmented by a restartable upper stage. The Long March 2C launcher lifted off from the Jiuquan space center in the Gobi Desert of northwestern China at 3:43 a.m. EDT ...

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What’s Snuffing Out Galaxies Before Their Time?

In the Milky Way, the formation rate of stars is about one solar mass every year. About 10 billion years ago, it was ten solar masses every year. What happened? Stars are born in giant molecular clouds (GMCs), and astronomers think that the environment in galaxies affects these clouds and their ability to spawn new stars. Sometimes the environment is ...

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