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Daily Archives: 09.11.2021

Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO Seán FitzPatrick dies

Seán FitzPatrick was CEO of Anglo Irish Bank Former chief executive and chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Seán FitzPatrick has died, a spokesperson for his family has confirmed. Mr FitzPatrick was 73 and died yesterday following a short illness. The former banker became well-known for the role he played in the rapid growth and subsequent collapse of Anglo Irish Bank ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №57

Apollo Archives Hello to our fellow readers. We have something interesting to share with you. Enjoy the reading! After acquisition of the “Swarm Technologies” by “SpaceX”, its top employment has changed their positions: Annette Purves – 11’21 has left the “Swarm Technologies”, she was Head of Market Access. Took new role as Market Access in “SpaceX”. Benjamin Longmier – 11’21 ...

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Dexterous robotic hands manipulate thousands of objects with ease

At just one year old, a baby is more dexterous than a robot. Sure, machines can do more than just pick up and put down objects, but we’re not quite there as far as replicating a natural pull towards exploratory or sophisticated dexterous manipulation goes.  OpenAI gave it a try with “Dactyl” (meaning “finger” from the Greek word daktylos), using their humanoid ...

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Dragon to perform first 360-degree flyaround of space station since shuttle

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft glides toward docking at the International Space Station on April 24. Credit: NASA Four astronauts closing out an expedition of nearly 200 days in orbit floated into their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule at the International Space Station Monday, a couple of hours before the ship was scheduled to undock and fly a 360-degree loop around ...

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We Now Know Exactly Which Crater the Martian Meteorites Came From

Mars is still quite mysterious, despite all we’ve learned about the planet in recent years. We still have a lot to learn about its interior and surface evolution and how changes affected the planet’s history and habitability. Fortunately, an impact on the red planet sent clues to Earth in the form of meteorites. The geological information contained in these meteorites ...

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