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Daily Archives: 16.11.2021

No plans to reopen PUP or delay cuts – Taoiseach

The move is part of the ongoing process of gradually winding down the payment There are no plans to reopen the Pandemic Unemployment Payment or to delay planned cuts to the payment, the Taoiseach has told the Dáil. Micheál Martin said the Government has consistently heard that employers are struggling to fill job vacancies across the economy. Recipients of the ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №58

Art by Douglas Chaffee Hello to our fellow readers. We glad to present fresh publication with a lot of interesting news. Enjoy the reading! Luca Rebellato – 11’21 has left the “Leaf Space”, he was CTO. Took office as CTO in “Fibering S.p.A.”. Edward Morris – 11’21 has left the “Spire”, he was Senior Director of Sales – Department of ...

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Footstep Adjustment for Biped Push Recovery on Slippery Surfaces

Biped robots are good candidates for collaborating with humans due to their locomotion mode that is similar to the human gait. However, in real conditions, factors such as low-value friction coefficient or surface irregularities increase the likelihood of slippery and stumbling. Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain A recent paper on arXiv.org proposes a discrete event-based gait longitudinal motion controller ...

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“Irresponsible” Russian Anti-Satellite Test Creates Orbital Debris Field, Endangering the Space Station and Crew

Early Monday, November 15, 2021, the International Space Station Flight Control team in Houston told the crew that due to a to satellite breakup, a debris field was created near the station’s orbital path. The astronauts and cosmonauts were told to “shelter in place” on board the Soyuz and SpaceX capsules attached to the ISS. What became apparent as the ...

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