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Daily Archives: 23.11.2021

Data centre flexibility key for future connections: CRU

Data centres are very heavy users of electricity (stock image) The ability of new data centres to have their own onsite generation capacity equivalent to or greater than their demand, to support supply if needed, will be a key factor in future decision making around whether they are given access to the national electricity grid. Data centres’ ability to reduce ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №59

NASA Image 78-H-237 and 78-HC-189 Hello to our fellow readers. We spotted something interesting, looks like pretty much of top employees from the “Orbital Effects” have decided to that they can do more and better, and have founded own companies – “RF Bistatics” and “Wolverine Radar Company”. That is intriguing and raised a question – What will be with Orbital ...

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Unsupervised Online Learning for Robotic Interestingness with Visual Memory

Autonomous robots must recognize interesting scenes to make further decisions. A recent paper on arXiv.org proposes to establish an online learning scheme to search for interesting sites for robotic exploration. Image credit: SEAT A three-stage learning architecture is introduced. Firstly, a model is trained offline with big data in an unsupervised manner to acquire human-like experience. Then, short-term learning is ...

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Astra reaches orbit for first time, clearing way for commercial launches

 Astra launched its first rocket into orbit from Alaska early Saturday after falling short on three previous tries, an achievement company officials said will unlock “tremendous demand” for its small satellite launch service. Company officials did not disclose a scheduled for its next mission in a virtual briefing with reporters Monday. But a NASA official said Astra’s next mission will ...

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If Alien Probes are Already in the Solar System, Maybe we Could Detect Them Calling Home

It’s been seventy years since physicist Enrico Fermi asked his famous question: “Where is everybody?” And yet, the tyranny of the Fermi Paradox is still with us and will continue to be until definitive evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) is found. In the meantime, scientists are forced to speculate as to why we haven’t found any yet and (more importantly) ...

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