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Daily Archives: 24.11.2021

ICG’s group revenue sails 22% higher

Total revenues in ICG’s ferries division rose by 24% to €144.5m Irish Continental Group said its group revenue for the 10 months to the end of October rose by 21.9% to €279.7m as Covid-19 travel restrictions eased. But the Irish Ferries owner said this increase was partially offset by a rise in costs – mainly fuel – which soared by ...

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Balancing Efficiency and Comfort in Robot-Assisted Bite Transfer

Assistive robot arms can help to provide care for those with disabilities. A recent paper on arXiv.org looks into robot-assisted feeding. A bite transfer strategy must optimize its trajectories on the fly by bringing food into a mouth without sacrificing user comfort. Eating. Image credit: bohed via Pixabay, free licence In order to achieve that, the researchers present a bite ...

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Photos: Falcon 9 rocket stands on Vandenberg launch pad with NASA asteroid probe

These photos show SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket standing on Space Launch Complex 4-East at Vandenberg Space Force Base, hours before liftoff with NASA’s DART mission, an experiment to test how a spacecraft might deflect a hazardous asteroid away from Earth. The 229-foot-tall (70-meter) launcher is awaiting blastoff at 10:21:02 p.m. EST Tuesday (1:21:02 a.m. EST; 0621:02 GMT Wednesday) from Vandenberg, ...

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