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Daily Archives: 27.11.2021

AI | Dialog Systems Part 2: How to Develop Dialog Systems That Make Sense

There is little argument that dialog systems are among the booming language-aware applications these days. Natural language interactions are quickly becoming a vital part of human daily lives by enabling us to access computational resources and engage in communications in the highly intuitive ways. In Part 1 of this series published here on technology.org, we presented dialog systems from the ...

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Russian node module docks with International Space Station

Russia’s Prichal node module moments before docking at the International Space Station. Credit: Roscosmos Russia’s Prichal docking module linked up with the International Space Station Friday, adding the final planned piece of the Russian segment of the outpost to provide a new connection for future crew and cargo ships. The spherical, ball-shaped docking node launched Wednesday at 8:06:35 a.m. EST ...

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A Machine-Learning Algorithm Just Found 301 Additional Planets in Kepler Data

Looking to the future, astronomers are excited to see how machine learning – aka. deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) – will enhance surveys. One field that is already benefitting in the search for extrasolar planets, where researchers rely on machine-learning algorithms to distinguish between faint signals and background noise. As this field continues to transition from discovery to characterization, ...

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