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Daily Archives: 01.12.2021

Medical Fintech Startup PayZen Raises $15M To Grow ‘Care Now, Pay Later’ Model

Medical fintech startup PayZen raised $15 million in a Series A round to expand its “care now, pay later” model for hospitals and patients in the United States. The round, announced Wednesday and led by SignalFire, included participation from Link Ventures and 7Wire Ventures alongside previous investors Viola Ventures and Picus Capital. The funding brings the startup’s total investments to ...

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NASA calls off spacewalk due to possible risk of space debris

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mission control in Houston informed the space station crew Tuesday afternoon that the spacewalk will be rescheduled for Thursday, Dec. 2. STORY WRITTEN FOR  & USED WITH PERMISSION Two spacesuits inside the Quest airlock on the International Space Station. Credit: NASA A planned spacewalk outside the International Space Station by astronauts Tom Marshburn and Kayla Barron was called off early ...

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InSight Peers Deep Below the Surface on Mars

The InSight lander has been on Mars, gathering data for a thousand days now, working to give us a better understanding of the planet’s interior. It’s at Elysium Planitia, the second largest volcanic region on Mars. A newly-published paper based on seismic data from the lander shows something unexpected underground: a layer of sediment sandwiched between layers of lava flows. ...

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