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Daily Archives: 07.12.2021

Retail sector workers highest PUP recipients

8,961 people working in the Wholesale and Retail Trade sector are getting the PUP New figures from the Department of Social Protection show that 53,088 people were in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment this week, down from 54,824 the previous week. The department said that 22,310 of these getting the payment are women and 30,778 are men. The sector ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №61

NASA/Robert McCall Hello to our fellow readers. Weekly publication is already here. Enjoy the reading! Samantha Malach – 11’21 has left the “Skymatics”, she was Co-Founder. Steve Price – 11’21 has left the “Deep Space Systems”, he was VP of Strategy and Business Development. Took office as Consultant at Redwire Engineering Solutions in “Redwire Space”. Baker B. Beard – 11’21 ...

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Differentiable Spatial Planning using Transformers

The problem of path planning is usually solved with classical planning algorithms. A recent study on arXiv.org proposes a machine learning approach for this task. Transformers are used to capture the long-term spatial relationship. The idea of the Spatial Planning Transformers (SPT) consisting of attention heads that can attend to any part of the input is proposed. Spatial path planning ...

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Maybe “Boson Clouds” Could Explain Dark Matter

The nature of dark matter continues to perplex astronomers. As the search for dark matter particles continues to turn up nothing, it’s tempting to throw out the dark matter model altogether, but indirect evidence for the stuff continues to be strong. So what is it? One team has an idea, and they’ve published the results of their first search. The ...

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