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Daily Archives: 01.01.2022

Supply-demand storm keeps on brewing for property

The lack of supply and soaring demand saw double digit percentage property price increases by the end of 2021 There’s little doubt that 2021 will be a standout year when it comes to property price increases. Although the official figures had only extended to October by year-end, annual price inflation was running at a very hot 13.5%. It was the ...

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Autonomous Driving: Probabilistic Approach for Road-Users Detection

Autonomous driving can improve road safety and make transport more efficient. A lot of research has been focused on autonomous driving in recent years. Deep Learning based object detection techniques sometimes give false negatives. G. Melotti, W. Lu, D. Zhao, A. Asvadi, N. Gon calves, and C. Premebida have discussed ways of resolving this issue in their research paper titled ...

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Webb telescope unfurls diamond-shaped sunshield

Artist’s concept of the James Webb Space Telescope, as it appeared after opening the mission’s five-layer sunshield. Credit: NASA Flying outbound from Earth at a distance of more than 400,000 miles, the James Webb Space Telescope extended two booms Friday and unfurled the mission’s five-layer sunshield to the size of a tennis court, notching a major milestone for the observatory ...

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