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Daily Archives: 03.01.2022

New social welfare increases come into effect this week

The maximum weekly rate of all pensions payments is increasing by €5 this week All social welfare weekly payments will increase this week with the increased payments benefitting an estimated 1.3 million pensioners, people with disabilities, carers, lone parents and jobseekers. The increases, delivered under Budget 2022, will cost an estimated €450.6m. The maximum weekly rate of all pensions payments ...

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Did you hear the one about the swimming worm?

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) began the NeuroAI Scholar program to attract post-masters level and postdoctoral researchers with an interest in combining artificial intelligence (AI) with neuroscience. AI model of a swimming worm. Image credit: CSHL (still image from the YouTube video) One goal is to use biology as a model for improving AI. The digital worm seen in this ...

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SpaceX’s first launch of 2022 will deploy more Starlink internet satellites

File photo of a stack of Starlink satellites before a previous mission.. Credit: SpaceX SpaceX plans to kick off its 2022 launch schedule with a Falcon 9 rocket flight Thursday from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with the company’s next group of Starlink internet satellites. In a change from previous Starlink missions, the Falcon 9 rocket will fly southeast from the ...

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A Detailed Scan of the Milky Way Finds Possible “Fossil” Spiral Arms

As we learn more about the cosmos, it’s interesting how some of the greatest discoveries continue to happen close to home. This is expected to continue well into the future, where observations of Cosmic Dawn and distant galaxies will take place alongside surveys of the outer Solar System and our galaxy. In this latter respect, the ESA’s Gaia observatory will ...

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