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Daily Archives: 04.01.2022

2021 new car registrations up 19%

Total new car registrations for 2021, finished at 104,932 New car registrations for 2021 were up 19%, according to statistics published by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry. Total new car registrations for 2021, finished at 104,932. Registrations were down 10.4% on 2019 figures. New Light Commercial Vehicle registrations in 2021 saw an increase of 32.3% compared to 2020. ...

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Does Polygon (MATIC) have Gas Fees?

The Polygon Project (MATIC) was not created as an independent product. The idea came from an analysis of the shortcomings of Ethereum (ETH). The developers decided to write a protocol that would be better than Ethereum and expand its functions. They managed to apply several technological solutions, which allowed the internal token to enter the top 30 largest cryptocurrencies (as ...

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Bridging the Gap: Using Deep Acoustic Representations to Learn Grounded Language from Percepts and Raw Speech

Learning to understand grounded language—the language that occurs in the context of, and refers to, the broader world—is a popular area of research in robotics. The majority of current work in this area still operates on textual data, and that limits the ability to deploy agents in realistic environments. Digital analysis of the end-user speech (or raw speech) is a ...

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NASA resumes Webb deployments after pausing for weekend

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated at 4 p.m. EST after tensioning of the first sunshield layer. The James Webb Space Telescope’s five-layer sunshield, seen here during ground testing at Northrop Grumman’s factory in Redondo Beach, California. Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn Mission controllers started the delicate work of tightening the five razor-thin layers of the James Webb Space Telescope’s sunshade Monday. Managers said the nearly ...

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An Exoplanet Found Protected by a Magnetosphere

Today’s astronomers are busy building the census of extrasolar planets, which has reached a total of 4,884 confirmed planets, with another 8,288 candidates awaiting confirmation. Now that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has finally been launched, future surveys will be reaching beyond mere discovery and will be focused more on characterization. In essence, future exoplanet surveys will determine with ...

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