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Daily Archives: 05.01.2022

Highest ever tax take of €68.4bn – Exchequer returns

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe speaking at a press conference this afternoon (RollingNews.ie) The Department of Finance has recorded the highest ever tax take of €68.4 billion, pushing the Exchequer deficit down to €7.3 billion. According to the latest Exchequer figures, tax receipts were up by €11.2 billion (19.7%) on 2020. This was the highest ever tax yield, over €9 ...

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Effects of Interfaces on Human-Robot Trust: Specifying and Visualizing Physical Zones

Robots are slowly becoming a part of our lives and are interacting with us nearly daily. Trust is a necessity for humans to feel comfortable around robots. The mode of spatial communication between these machines and humans also affects underlying trust between people and robots.  Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics. Image credit: Boston Dynamics Marisa Hudspeth, Sogol Balali, Cindy Grimm ...

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‘We nailed it!’ Webb clears major hurdle with full sunshade deployment

Artist’s illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope, as it appeared Jan. 4 after sunshield tensioning. Credit: NASA The final layers of the James Webb Space Telescope’s sunshade were robotically pulled taut with a system of motors, cables, and pulleys Tuesday, clearing a major milestone before unfolding mirrors to collect light from the oldest galaxies in the universe. “We nailed ...

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Astronomers Find 70 Planets Without Stars Floating Free in the Milky Way

The field of extrasolar planet studies continues to reveal some truly amazing things about our Universe. After decades of having just a handful of exoplanets available for study, astronomers are now working with a total of 4,884 confirmed exoplanets and another 8,288 awaiting confirmation. This number is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years as next-generation missions like the ...

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