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‘Exponential growth’ in customs declarations – Revenue

Revenue said that 25.4 million customs declarations were processed in 2021 compared to 1.8 million in 2020 2021 saw an “exponential growth” in the number of customs declarations, according to headline results published by Revenue today. New EU VAT rules, which came into effect in July, and an increase in e-commerce which began during the pandemic saw a fourteen-fold increase ...

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How To Choose A Crypto Trading Software?

Finding ways to build your wealth is one of the hardest things ever. There are not many options and relying only on a monthly paycheck is not getting you where you want to be. This is where investment comes into the scenario. There are different types of investment options available but entering into a regulated market can be a challenging ...

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Fish-driven car offers new insights on navigation mechanisms in animals

Fish navigation capabilities have been studied extensively. It has been demonstrated that fishes can carry navigational tasks of different complexities in water. However, it is not clear if these abilities differ from what mammals and birds can accomplish in their natural environments. A recent paper proposes a domain transfer methodology to study this question. And also creating a car to ...

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Webb’s secondary mirror successfully deployed

Artist’s concept of Webb’s secondary mirror support structure fully extended. Credit: NASA In another major milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope, a motor-driven tripod unfolded as planned Wednesday, moving a 2.4-foot-wide secondary mirror into position to reflect collected starlight back down to the instruments that will study it. While the deployment of a tennis court-size sunshield Monday and Tuesday ...

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Astronomers Find the Biggest Structure in the Milky Way, a Filament of Hydrogen 1,600 Light-Years Long

Roughly 13.8 billion years ago, our Universe was born in a massive explosion that gave rise to the first subatomic particles and the laws of physics as we know them. About 370,000 years later, hydrogen had formed, the building block of stars, which fuse hydrogen and helium in their interiors to create all the heavier elements. While hydrogen remains the ...

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