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Daily Archives: 08.01.2022

El Salvador Unfazed by Bitcoin’s Recent Price Drop

The price of Bitcoin went down sharply on Tuesday, plunging 19% from $52,956 to $42,900 yesterday, undoing the gains it made recently and wiping out more than $180 billion in market value. El Salvador, the country that officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender yesterday, appeared unfazed by the dip, and capitalized on it instead. The country simply purchased another 150 ...

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Speeding up directed evolution of molecules in the lab

Using a new robotic platform, researchers can simultaneously track hundreds of microbial populations as they evolve new proteins or other molecules. Natural evolution is a slow process that relies on the gradual accumulation of genetic mutations. In recent years, scientists have found ways to speed up the process on a small scale, allowing them to rapidly create new proteins and ...

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First wing of Webb telescope’s primary mirror folds into place

Artist’s illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope’s port-side mirror segment folded into place. Credit: NASA One of the two wings holding three of the James Webb Space Telescope’s gold-coated mirror segments folded into place Friday, setting the stage for positioning of the other wing Saturday to complete the nearly $10 billion observatory’s major deployments. “Webb’s iconic primary mirror is ...

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Astronomers Discover a Totally New Kind of Nebula

Most Universe Today readers are familiar with nebulae. They’re gaseous structures lit up with radiation from nearby stars, and they’re some of nature’s most beautiful forms. With the help of amateur astronomers who laid the groundwork, an international team of astronomers have discovered a new type of nebulae around binary stars that they’re calling galactic emission nebulae. The binary star ...

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