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Daily Archives: 12.01.2022

PTR: A Benchmark for Part-based Conceptual, Relational, and Physical Reasoning

Reasoning and answering questions about visual scenes is an important task for artificial intelligence. However, current datasets lack part-level understanding. A recent paper on arXiv.org presents a large-scale ParT Reasoning dataset (PRT), a benchmark for part-based conceptual, relational and physical reasoning. A robot. Image credit: Pxfuel, free licence This benchmark includes ∼ 70k scenes constructed from five object categories with ...

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Astronomers relieved with final Webb telescope deployment milestone

Artist’s illustration of the fully deployed James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA Still cruising toward its operating orbit nearly a million miles from Earth, the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope completed a transformation into its final dimension Saturday with the last of some 50 post-launch deployments, the unfolding of the observatory’s 21.3-foot (6.5-meter) primary mirror. Mission controllers at the ...

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Rings in the Early Solar System Kept our Planet From Becoming a Super-Earth

To date, a total of 4,884 extrasolar planets have been confirmed in 3,659 systems, with another 8,414 additional candidates awaiting confirmation. In the course of studying these new worlds, astronomers have noted something very interesting about the “rocky” planets. Since Earth is rocky and the only known planet where life can exist, astronomers are naturally curious about this particular type ...

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