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Daily Archives: 17.01.2022

Cryptocurrencies: What You Should Know

Ordinarily, blockchain technology is used to create cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and blockchain are terms used to describe how transactions are timestamped and recorded in “blocks.” Despite the fact that it’s a relatively complicated and technical process, the end result is a digital ledger of cryptocurrency transactions that’s difficult to hack. Transactions also necessitate the use of a two-factor authentication process. To ...

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SensatUrban: Learning Semantics from Urban-Scale Photogrammetric Point Clouds

The ability to semantically interpret 3D scenes is important for accurate 3D perception and scene understanding in tasks like robotic grasping, scene-level robot navigation, or autonomous driving. However, there is currently no large-scale photorealistic 3D point cloud dataset available for fine-grained semantic understanding of urban scenarios. Photogrammetric point could datasets are important for tasks such as robotic grasping, scene-level robot ...

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Virgin Orbit celebrates third successful launch in a row

Virgin Orbit’s 70-foot-long (21-meter) LauncherOne rocket ignites its liquid-fueled engine after release from the company’s Boeing 747 carrier aircraft. Credit: Virgin Orbit Virgin Orbit delivered seven small CubeSats for NASA, the U.S. military, Spire, and the Polish company SatRevolution into orbit Thursday with its air-launched rocket after release from a jumbo jet off the coast of California. The launch marked ...

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