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Daily Archives: 18.01.2022

Investors ‘frustrated’ by Govt intervention in property

CBRE says that despite despite regulatory and policy changes the multifamily sector showed remarkable resilience last year It is critical that further Government intervention in the multifamily accommodation sector is now curtailed to avoid large amounts of investor capital opting to move into other sectors. That’s according to commercial property firm, CBRE, which claims investors in residential apartment and other ...

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Food For Life Global Accepts Crypto to Fight World Hunger

Food relief charity Food for Life Global  is now accepting Crypto Donations to fight hunger on a global scale. FFL Global accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amp, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bitcoin Cash, ChainLink, Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and more. Food for life is Coordinating and expanding the distribution of plant-based meals all over the world to the disadvantaged, malnourished and victims ...

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Cosmic Opportunities №65

Credentials: NASA Hello to our fellow readers. We are glad to present a portion of a fresh news. Among usual activity we have spotted relatively big changes in “KBR” four of their top-level employees left the company. For such a big company that is just a drop in the ocean, it looks like a routine changes and optimization, but also ...

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“Hey, Alexa! Are you trustworthy?”

The more social behaviors a voice-user interface exhibits, the more likely people are to trust it, engage with it, and consider it to be competent. A new MIT study could help designers create voice-user interfaces that are more engaging and more likely to be used by members of a family in the home, while also improving the transparency of these ...

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First Chinese space mission of 2022 rockets into orbit

A Chinese Long March 2D rocket lifts off with the Shiyan 13 satellite. Credit: CASC China launched a Long March 2D rocket Monday with another classified satellite, deploying the spacecraft into a polar orbit on the first of more than 40 Chinese Long March rocket missions planned in 2022. The Long March 2D rocket took off from the Taiyuan launch ...

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