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Daily Archives: 23.01.2022

Will looser Covid rules push up holiday prices?

There’s huge pent-up demand for holidays – with warnings that bookings in the peak season may see significant interest After a torrid two years for the travel industry, things are finally beginning to look up. “From mid-January the trajectory has been up, significantly up,” said Paul Hackett, President of the Irish Travel Agents Association and CEO of Click&Go. “We’ve had ...

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Lego Robot that Plays the Guitar (Video)

Certain toys just transcend their primary purpose. One good example is Lego, where possibilities to build interesting creations are limited only by imagination of the builder. But this robot that plays the guitar deserves the place at the top of the most ingenious constructions made from those little plastic bricks. Lego guitar robot. Image credit: TECHNICally Possible via YouTube (still ...

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Webb closes in on destination with critical mirror alignment on tap

STORY WRITTEN FOR  & USED WITH PERMISSION The James Webb Space Telescope with its five-layer sunshade and optical elements fully deployed. Credit: NASA Thirty days outbound from Earth, the James Webb Space Telescope will slip into its parking orbit a million miles away Monday, an ideal spot to scan the heavens in search of faint infrared light from the first generation ...

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Bad Weather Postpones Ingenuity’s 19th Flight on Mars

The first flight of 2022 for the Ingenuity Helicopter has been delayed due to a regional dust storm on Mars. Mission planners had originally targeted January 5 for the tiny helicopter’s 19th flight, but they needed to push back the flight when orbital images and weather instruments on the Perseverance rover indicated a worsening weather situation. Weather conditions have now ...

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