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Daily Archives: 24.01.2022

Extreme Tidal Forces Have Deformed an Exoplanet

Among the thousands of known exoplanets, there are some that are very odd. Take, for example, the exoplanet known as WASP-103b. It’s a large planet with a mass about 1.5 times that of Jupiter, but 103b is so close to its star it makes a complete orbit every 22 hours. At this proximity, many astronomers wonder if the world is ...

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Computing for ocean environments

MIT ocean and mechanical engineers are using advances in scientific computing to address the ocean’s many challenges, and seize its opportunities. Michael Benjamin has developed swarming algorithms that enable uncrewed vehicles, like the ones pictured, to disperse in an optimal distribution and avoid collisions. Image credit: Michael Benjamin / MIT There are few environments as unforgiving as the ocean. Its ...

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Cargo Dragon capsule departs space station

A SpaceX Cargo Dragon spacecraft departs the International Space Station Sunday, heading for splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday. This reusable spacecraft is completing its second flight to the space station. Credit: NASA TV / Spaceflight Now SpaceX’s Cargo Dragon spacecraft, closing out a month-long mission, undocked from the International Space Station Sunday after a two-delay in its ...

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Astronomers Might Have Detected the Background Gravitational Waves of the Universe

In February 2016, Gravitational Waves (GWs) were detected for the first time in history. This discovery confirmed a prediction made by Albert Einstein over a century ago and triggered a revolution in astronomy. Since then, dozens of GW events have been detected from various sources, ranging from black hole mergers, neutron star mergers, or a combination thereof. As the instruments ...

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