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Cosmic Opportunities №64

Hello to our fellow readers. Here we are, in a new 2022 which is really promising for a space exploration and a great discoveries.

You may have noticed that we have skipped several weeks without any news, we had to make that to create big and informative publication which will summarize the last moth of the previous year.

P.S. We didn’t expect so much activity on the eve of the new year.

Enjoy the reading!

Chris Oakley – 12’21 left the “Leonardo”, he was a VP Digital, Cyber & Security. Become Director Consulting Services, Secure Business Services in “CGI”.

Helen Tung – 12’21 left the “International Astronautical Federation”, she was a Co-Chair Space Debris & Co-Chair IP Space Resources /Co-Chair IAA Visions & Strategies/VC ERMC.

Anthony Murfett – 12’21 left the “Australian Space Agency”, he was a Deputy Head. Took new role as Head Of Division Technology and National Security in “Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources”.

Jay Littlepage – 12’21 left the “Maxar”, he was a Chief Architect / VP, Product Engineering.

Patrick Elliott – 12’21 left the “Maxar”, he was a VP, FP&A. Took office as SVP, Finance and Treasury in “Skillsoft”.

Marcus C. – 12’21 left the “Umbra”, he was a VP of Engineering.

Clay Mowry – 12’21 left the “Blue Origin”, he was a VP, Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience. Become CRO in “Voyager Space”.

Joel Tone – 12’21 left the “Farmers Edge”, he was a Head Of Business Intelligence.

Avinash Lakshmipathi – 12’21 left the “Cloudeo”, he was a Head Of Development.

Maureen Haverty – 12’21 left the “Apollo Fusion”, she was a COO. Took new role as Dir. Business Development and Operations in “Astra”.

Alexandru Radavoi – 12’21 left the “Spire”, he was a Head of Marketing and Demand Generation. Took new office as Director, Growth Marketing in “ICEYE”.

Martin Baxendale – 12’21 left the “Burloak Technologies”, he was a VP and General Manager. Become Buyer, Formet Industries in “Magna International”.

Randy Nuss – 12’21 left the “Farmobile”, he was a Director of Machine Integration. Took new office as Director of Machine Integration in “AGI”.

Kevin Pogany – 12’21 left the “The Climate Corporation”, he was a Sr. Director, Engineering. Become CTO, Construction & Utilities in “EagleView”.

Michael Pollack – 12’21 left the “Astroscale”, he was an Executive Advisor.

Kurtis Thrasher – 11’21 left the “Spire”, he was a Director of Sales – DOD.

Kyaw Swar Phone Maung – 12’21 left the “KBR”, he was a Principal Technical Professional.

Lindsay (Johnson) Baker – 12’21 left the “Honeywell”, she was a VP of Human Resources. Took new role as Head of Organizational Development & Effectiveness in “Centene Corporation”.

Zachary Bogue – 12’21 left the “Planet”, he was an Investor & Board member.

Gianluca Cescon – 12’21 left the “Hiber”, he was a Head of Product.

Brian Clary – 11’21 left the “Cobham”, he was a VP, Operations Finance. 12’21 become Management Consultant in “ClearPlan”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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