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Cosmic Opportunities №67

Robert McCall 1970

Hello to our fellow readers. We are ready to present something interesting, a remarkable change among the top employees in “AAC Clyde Space”. Such a loss of expertise may be difficult to cover with a “fresh blood”, by hiring new people. Will see how it goes next.

Enjoy the reading!

Gary Morton – 12’21 left the “AAC Clyde Space”, he was a Head Of Production. Took office as VP of Operations in “Sofant Technologies”.

John Charlick – 01’22 left the “AAC Clyde Space”, he was a Director Of Operations UK. Took new role as Head Of Projects in “Craft Prospect”.

David Lampert – 01’22 left the “SpinLaunch”, he was a Director of Cultural Strategy.

Simon Walker – 01’22 left the “D-Orbit”, he was a UK Head of Business Development.

Ahmed Deyab – 01’22 left the “Atomico”, he was a Tech Investor. Become Tech Investor in “Microsoft’s Venture Fund”.

Cyrille Le Gall – 01’22 left the “Airbus Defence and Space – Intelligence”, he was a Head of Finance and Control. Took new role as CFO in “Ascendance Flight Technologies”.

DJ M. – 01’22 left the “Spire”, he was a Director of Security Engineering.

Ruth Mallors-Ray – 12’21 left the “Reaction Engines”, she was a Member of Technical Advisory Board.

Timothy Reuter – 12’21 left the “World Economic Forum”, he was a Head of Aerospace and Drones. Become PPMM in “Microsoft”.

Victoria Kennedy – 12’21 left the “Maxar”, she was a Director of Program Management. Took new role as Program Manager in “Fibertek”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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