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Cosmic Opportunities №68

The Moon Raiders by Patrick Moore (1978) Peter Elson

Hello to our fellow readers. Quite many changes occurred in recent weeks, especially in “Maxar”. Where three top-employees decided to find a better place.

Enjoy the reading!

Dave Roeloffs – 02’22 left the “Maxar”, he was a VP Strategic Sourcing / Supply Chain. Took office as VP Procurement and Operations in “Sanmina”.

Stephen Colby – 01’22 left the “Maxar”, he was a Director, Cyber Security Audit. Become Sr Cyber Security Manager in “Sierra Space”.

Wendy Miller Johnson – 01’22 left the “Maxar”, she was a Director of Product Management, Analytics Products. Took new role as VP, Product Management in “GHX”.

Jay S. Banwait – 02’22 left the “LeoLabs”, he was a Director of RF Engineering. Become Principal Engineer in “Stealth Mode Startup Company”.

Hendrik zu Knyphausen – 02’22 left the “Hummingbird Technologies”, he was a VP, Operations and Business Development. Took new role as General Manager Germany in “Budbee”.

Irit Idan – 02’22 left the “Rafael Advanced Defense Systems”, she was an Executive VP Research Development. Took new office as Investment Advisor in “SoftBank Investment Advisers”.

Alexandra Howard – 02’22 removed the mention that she is a Creative Director in the “Asteroid Mining Corporation”.

Jyri Engeström – 02’22 removed the mention that he is a Board Director, Advisor in “ICEYE”.

Luca De Filippis – 01’22 left the “Sitael”, he was an E2E Mission Team Leader. Become Systems Engineer of Systems in Operations in “EUSPA”.

Nathan Warner – 01’22 left the “Esri”, he was a Head of Influence Marketing. Took office as Director, Strategic Marketing Communications in “Woven Planet Holdings”.

Tim Adams – 01’22 removed the mention that he is an Advisory Board Member in “Waypoint 2 Space”.

Guy Elhanani – 01’22 marked that in 2021 he left the “Effective Space”, he was a Board Member.

Robert Graham – 01’22 left the “TCarta”, he was a Special Hydrospatial Projects. Become GIS Analyst in “Mark A. O’Neal & Associates”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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