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Cosmic Opportunities №69

Ed White’s Gemini 4 spacewalk_ Robert McCall, (1966)

Hello to our fellow readers. Ready to share our weekly publication. Lot of interesting things have happened recently, among which is the fact that two top employees left the “Momentus” and took high positions in other companies.

Enjoy the reading!

Fred Kennedy – 01’22 left the “Momentus”, he was a President. Took office as CEO in “Salamander Space Corporation”.

Karen Plonty – 01’22 left the “Momentus”, he was a CSO. Become a President in “Resilient Security Solutions”.

Audrey Fraijo – 02’22 left the “Ursa Major Technologies”, she was a Chief Of Staff. Took new role as Chief Of Staff in “Epsilon3”.

Emil Tsenov – 02’22 left the “Enpulsion”, he was a Head Of Global Marketing. Become Marketing Manager in “s::can”.

Jason Jones – 02’22 left the “Planet”, he was a Director – Channels and Alliances EMEA. Took office as Director – Channels and Alliances in “Vexcel Imaging”.

Jerry Meleski – 02’22 left the “Kratos Defense and Security Solutions”, he was a VP Edge Solutions. Become Senior VP Technology Operations in “HawkEye 360”.

David Heffley – 01’22 left the “SpaceX”, he was a Director Reliability. Become Self-employed, Engineer.

Ethan Hunt – 01’22 left the “SES Satellites”, he was a Spacecraft Controller. Took new role as Senior Spacecraft Controller in “Intelsat”.

Nicole Booths Toigo – 01’22 left the “Ursa Space Systems”, he was a VP Of Product. Took new role as Director of Product and Applied Science, Government in “Descartes Labs”.

Ryan McKinney – 01’22 left the “Descartes Labs”, he was a Head of Strategic Initiatives. Took office as VP & General Manager in “Satellogic North America”.

Brittany Feldman – 01’22 left the “Blue Origin”, she was a Director, GS2 Fluids Component and System Test. Become Test Engineer in “STOKE Space Technologies”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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