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Cosmic Opportunities №70

Hello to our fellow readers. Weekly update is here and we are ready to share a lot of news.

Enjoy the reading!

Joakim Nyberg – 02’22 left the “ICEYE”, he was a Regional Director Nordics. Become a Chief Governance Officer in “M-Brain Group”.

Rajesh Gianchandani – 02’22 left the “Planet”, he was a Regional Sales Director – ME. Took new role as Director of Sales – MENA in “BlackSky”.

Steve Groot – 02’22 left the “Burloak Technologies”, he was a Director of Finance and Business Development.

Bruce Watenpaugh – 02’22 marked that in 12’21 he left the “Blue Origin”, he was a Director of Facilities Management.

Daniel Gillies – 02’22 left the “Astrobotic”, he was Mission Director.

Daniel Kwon – 02’22 left the “Maxar”, he was a Director of Talent Acquisition. Become Director of Talent Acquisition in “ManTech”.

Edmar Moraes – 02’22 left the “SES Satellites”, he was Senior Director, Sales Latin America & Caribbean.

Emma Thomas – 02’22 left the “Cobham”, she was a Head Of Purchasing. Took new role as Global Strategic Sourcing Lead in “Corin Group”.

Gustavo Schaper – 02’22 left the “Syngenta”, he was a General Manager / Sr. Operations Director. Took office as CFO in “TerraMagna”.

Dave Graham – 02’22 left the “Momentus”, he was a Spacecraft Production Manager. Become Consultant, Idea Innovator in “Dave Graham and Associates”.

Lee Carter – 02’22 left the “Fleet Space”, he was a Board Member. Took new role as Partner in “Equal Opportunity Ventures”.

Yasunori Yamazaki – 01’22 left the “Axelspace Corporation”, he was a Chief Evangelist. Become Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer in “Space Entertainment”.

Spencer Ziegler – 01’22 left the “Goonhilly Earth Station”, he was a Commercial Director. Took office as Head of Space & Ground Segment Technology in “German Aerospace Center”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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