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Cosmic Opportunities №21

Spring is here, warm and sunny days coming soon. That is inspired for new achievements, what we actually see by drastic increase of activity in recent weeks.

Roger Dewell – 02’2021 has left the “Infinite Orbits”, he was Vice President, Business and Technology Development.

Scott Soenen – 02’21 has left the Capella Space”, he was VP Product Engineering. Took office as Chief Technology Officer in “Hydrosat”.

Daniela Moody, Ph.D. – 02’21 has left the “Ursa Space Systems Inc.”, she was Chief Technology Officer.

Daniel Turkovich – in 2020 has left the “Farmer’s Business Network”, he was Founding Team & Head of Product. From 02’21 – Head of Product in “FarmTrace”.

Sean Dempsey – 01’21 has left the “TerrAvion, Inc.”, he was Board Member. Has marked that from 08’20 – Board Member in “TapResearch”.

Sebastian Priolo – 12’20 has left the S4 Agtech”, he was CTO. From 06’20 – Co-Founder in Woza Labs”.

Magnus Brege – 07’20 has left the “Vricon”, he was President & CEO. Has marked that from 07’20 – Independent Consultant in “Brege Consulting”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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