Cosmic Opportunities № 30-31

Today we will present to our fellow readers something really big. Easter holidays and warm weather caused a little pause in a common schedule. But we collected a lot of interesting information and ready to share it with you. Enjoy the reading!

Brook Halvorson – 04’21 has left the “bluShift Aerospace”, he was Lead Test Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, 05’21 took office as Mechanical Engineer in “Running Tide”.

Thierry Benchetrit – 04’21 has left the “Airbus Defence and Space – Intelligence” department, he was Head of Digital Services. Become SatCom Solutions manager in “Airbus Secure Communications”.

Phil Wilhelm – 04’21 has left the “GHGSat Inc”, he was Director Business Development – US Oil & Gas. Become Owner and President in “Wilhelm Consulting Group”.

Andrew Cunningham – 04’21 has left the “Hummingbird Technologies Ltd”, he was Chief Operating Officer (COO), 04’21 took office as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in “”.

Austin Chungath – 04’21 has left the “Hummingbird Technologies Ltd”, he was Principal Technical Architect, 04’21 become Lead Data Engineer in “Dojo” (a “Paymentsense” brand).

Federico Jack – 04’21 has left the “Satellogic”, from January to April 2021 he was Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), earlier, from April 2019 he was COO. 04’21 Took office as Board Member in “Semtive”.

Peter DeFreece – 04’21 has left the “Orbital Effects”, he was Senior Director.

James A. Pearson – 03’21 has left the “Spire”, he was Head of Global Communications, 02’21 become Board Advisor in “EVONA” and 05’21 become Head of Global Public Relations in “EmitBio Inc.”.

And one late profile update:

Anthony DeNome – 12’20 has left the “Proagrica”, he was Vice President of Sales and Sales Operations.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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