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Cosmic Opportunities №48

Space Odyssey

Greetings to our fellow readers! Our today’s publication can be fairly named “Summer Summary”. The last two months were full of interesting news, too much for one publication, we will definitely cover them in the next several publications.

Enjoy the reading!

Thomas Beeton – 08’21 has left the “Cobham”, he was Procurement/Commercial Consultant Director. Took office as Senior Commercial Manager – Infrastructure Government and Healthcare (IGH) in “KPMG UK”.

Craig Clark – 08’21 has left the “AAC Clyde Space”, he was Founder & CSO. From 12’19 Member Board Of Trustees in “Glasgow Science Centre” and from 07’21 Co-Chair in “Scottish Space Leadership Council”.

David Aikman – 08’21 has left the “World Economic Forum”, he was Chief Representative Officer, Greater China; Member of the Executive Committee.

Katieanne Moran – 08’21 has left the “Astra”, she was Executive Assistant to Chief Technology Officer & EVP of Engineering.

Kristen Brown – 08’21 has left the “Farmobile”, she was Director of People Operations. Took new role as Director of People & Culture in “Ad Astra”.

Tom Deacon – 08’21 has left the “QinetiQ”, he was Digital and Data Transformation Director.

Greg Frey – 07’21 has left the “MDA”, he was International Sales Director, APAC. Took office as Global Director of Channel Sales in “Satellogic”.

Kolby Nichol – 07’21 has left the “Hummingbird Technologies”, he was Head of Growth. From 05’21 Director of Capital Enablement in “Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning”.

William (Bill) Ellis – 07’21 has left the “Predasar”, he was Director, Business Operations.

Rahul Gupta – 07’21 has left the “Esri”, he was Head Commercial Sales. Became Enterprise Sales in “HERE Technologies”.

Brian Mahoney – 07’21 has left the “Fugro”, he was Aviation Business Manager.

Nina Tomeba – 07’21 has left the “Planet”, she was Head of Business Development – Africa.

Adam Skoczylas – 05’21 has left the “Orbit”, he was Director of Operations. 08’21 took office as Product Owner and Information Security Officer in “InfoReady Corporation”.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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