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Cosmic Opportunities №50

Neil Armstrong by Pierre Mion.

Greetings to our fellow readers. The end of the summer was so active that we still continue to cover all gathered information and it seems that autumn will be also a pretty “hot’ time period. Looking forward to finding a lot of interesting news.

Enjoy the reading!

Nicolas le Mintier – 09’21 has left the “Hummingbird Technologies Ltd”, he was VP of Sales. Took office as Sales Director in “Rensair”.

Mark Davies – 09’21 has left the “Harwin”, he was Global Head of Sales. Became Director Sales – Distribution & Channel Partners – EMEA in “C&K”.

Bradley Davis – 09’21 has left the “Kitware”, he was Senior Director of Commercial Operations. Took new role as Engineering Manager in “Google”.

Christoph de Preter – 09’21 has left the “Hexagon Geospatial”, he was Chief Sales Officer.

Jason D. Whitmire – 09’21 cleaned up his profile and removed information that he was Board Member in number of companies: “Marvel Fusion GmbH”, “Meatable”, “Origin.Bio”, “Seeqc US”, “bit bio”, “humm”, investor in: “Biofidelity”, “Dance”, “GRID” and “Spaceknow Inc”. Remained only information that he is General Partner in “BlueYard Capital”.

Martin Van Ryswyk – 06’21 has left the “Planet”, he was SVP Product. 09’21 became Chief Product Officer in “Azul”.

Ryan F. – 08’21 has left the “Orbital Effects (ex. R2Space)”, he was Co-Founder.

Fenella Nordquist – 08’21 has left the “KBR, Inc.”, she was Chief Technical Advisor.

Michael Varacalli – 08’21 has left the “KBR, Inc.”, he was Director. Took office as Business Development Executive – Federal Strategic Programs in “Dell Technologies”.

Rodri Fernández Touza – 08’21 has left the “Atomico”, he was Tech Investor.

Andrey Tochilin – 08’21 has left the “OneSoil”, he was Head of Product.

John Beaver – 06’21 has left the “SpinLaunch”, he was Director Of Construction. 08’21 became Construction Manager in “Pike Corporation”.

John Dillon – 08’21 has left the “Honeywell”, he was Chief Project Officer, Honeywell Intelligrated. 09’21 took office as Executive Vice President Of Operations in “Fortna”.

Joe Kenney – 09’21 has marked that 03’19 he has left the “Honeywell”, he was Vice President & CTO, now – retaired.

And one of the late profile updates:

Gardner Foster – 05’21 has left the “SpaceX”, he was Principal.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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