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Cosmic Opportunities №51

Apollo XV EVA by Pier Mion

Hello to our fellow readers, today we have a lot of interesting news.

Lets start with the famous Blue Origin. It seems that after a short trip almost to space three employees decided to leave and find a better place to work in. The Pokémon Company International is definitely something worth leaving the Blue Origin for.

Next comes Maxar Technologies. It also faced with people leaving their company. Should be noticed, that all who left Maxar got better positions in other companies. Something to think about.

And finally Astra. It also lost its Chief Engineer after the news about Astra and Firefly ink secret rocket engine IP deal. The moment of despair, when the company fails to make its engines fly properly.

Enjoy the reading!

Crystal Freund – 09’21 has left the “Blue Origin” she was Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition. Took new role as Head of Global Talent Acquisition in “The Pokémon Company International”.

Stephen Bennett – 09’21 has left the “Blue Origin”, he was Senior Vice President. Took office as COO in “Kepler Communications”.

Lori Homer – 09’21 has left the “Blue Origin”, she was Director of Organizational Effectiveness.

Nancy S Coleman – 09’21 has left the “Maxar Technologies”, she was Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

Elizabeth West – 09’21 has left the “Maxar Technologies”, she was Mission Director. Became Operations Director in AGILE Space Industries.

John Turner – 08’21 has left the “Maxar Technologies”, he was Sr Director, NASA Programs. Took office as President in “Imagine Space Engineering and Management Services”.

Chris Thompson – 09’21 has left the “Astra”, где был Chief Engineer, Advanced Projects.

Jon Jumento – 09’21 has removed the mention that he is Advisory Board Member in “Waypoint 2 Space”.

Leena Pivovarova – 09’21 has left the “SatSure”, she was Managing Director.

Douglas Muhlbauer – 09’21 has left the “R2 Space, Inc.”, he was VP of Tech Ops. Became Manager, Engineer, Dad in “Stellar Solutions”.

Sara Steenhuis – 09’21 has left the “Quantum Spatial”, she was Director Of Operations.

And some late profile updates:

Rick Gibson – 07’21 has left the “Farmobile”, he was Director of Product. Took new role as Vice President of Product in “Realquantum”.

Gabi Mendes – 05’21 has left the “Strider (Acquired by Syngenta in 2018)”, she was Co-Founder. 06’21 became an Entrepreneur.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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