Cosmic Opportunities №53

Hello to our fellow readers. We are glad to share a lot of interesting news, so lets start.

KBR, Inc” and “Cobham” lost several important employees each. Somewhere you gain, somewhere you lose.

In “Orbital Insight” more remarkable changes, three employees recently resign from top positions. Looks like a huge reorganization or serious troubles within the company. Will see.

Enjoy the reading!

Mike Bergen – 10’21 has left the “Orbital Insight”, he was Director Of Strategic Partnerships and Head of Government Affairs. Took new role as VP Head of Public Sector in “SafeGraph”.

Craig Brower – 10’21 has left the “Orbital Insight”, he was Vice President and General Manager, Public Sector. Become President, US Government in “Edgybees”.

David Robinson – 09’21 has left the “Orbital Insight”, he was Vice President.

Yong Kim – 10’21 has removed mention that he is Chief Technical Advisor in “KBR, Inc”.

Bhaskar Rao – 09’21 has left the “KBR, Inc”, he was Sr. Technical Advisor – Control Systems Engineering. 10’21 took office as Control Systems Engineer in “S&B Engineers and Constructors”.

Sandrine Delandre – 09’21 has left the “Cobham”, she was Senior Financial Controller BU EEE.

Matt Bealey – 07’21 has left the “Cobham”, he was CFO. 10’21 Took office as CFO in “Först”.

Jacob Brosbøl Sørensen – 10’21 has left the “GomSpace”, he was Director of Business Development Europe & Global Products. Become CCO in “NORAD A/S”.

Lori Pelech – 09’21 has left the “Upstream Tech”, she was Growth and Partnerships. Took new role as American Conservation and Stewardship Atlas and PAD-US in “U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)”.

Joe Hardstaff – 09’21 has left the “QinetiQ”, he was Group IT Director.

Duncan Eddy – 08’21 has left the “Capella Space”, he was Director of Space Operations. Become Senior Software Engineering Manager, Project Kuiper in “Amazon”.

Something to think about:

Well known people from the Reaktor SpaceLab – Janne Kuhno and Jarkko Antila have changed the company name in their profiles to Kuva Space, looks like a deal.

Try to catch your Cosmic Opportunity!

*All presented information was acquired from publicly and freely available sources (specifically, we just monitor updates of LinkedIn profiles). If you have any propositions or claims, please contact us. We will be glad to help resolve any issue.

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