EDF joins Hyperledger to continue blockchain research for energy sector

Another quarter means another tranche of new Hyperledger members have been announced – with energy company EDF and cybersecurity firm WISeKey the standouts.

In total, 10 companies have joined the foundation, while BSOS and Hitachi have come on board – the former also a member – as Hyperledger certified service providers (HCSPs).

EDF has been putting together several initiatives in the blockchain space. Through its Exaion platform, the company is looking to become the ‘eco-responsible benchmark’ for cloud computing, as well as providing a blockchain platform to speed up the rollout of customers’ projects securely. The company also is aligned with the Tezos blockchain ecosystem.

Gilles Deleuze, coordinator of EDF’s blockchain taskforce, noted the company had many ongoing projects and would combine membership of Hyperledger with investigating new use cases for the energy sector. “Distributed computing will be part of the future electrical systems, and Hyperledger’s blockchain technologies will contribute to this,” said Deleuze.

WISeKey, which may be better known to readers of sister publication IoT News, is a cybersecurity provider which focuses on digital identity ecosystems utilising IoT technologies, as well as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s ‘WISeCoin’ offering is a tokenised service for authenticating people, products and machines to ensure IoT security.

“Maturing technologies, business models and markets are making blockchain an increasingly strategic platform across a number of industries,” said Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Hyperledger. “Our community is at the forefront for developing and deploying enterprise blockchain technology that delivers meaningful results, and this latest lineup of new members and service providers will now be part of the effort to drive the market forward.”

The full list of new members are: BSOS, EDF, JD Digits, OCTO Technology, Red Date Technology, Shanghai Tianji Network, Troon Technologies, and WISeKey.

Photo by Léo Léo on Unsplash


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