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Elder Research partners with Smarter Contracts in blockchain and AI play

Elder Research, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science technologies, has signed a strategic partnership with Smarter Contracts, a UK based fintech company focused on data privacy. The two businesses are preparing to launch the first of its kind data privacy platform, by combining the unique features of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence.

Together they plan to incorporate elements of Elder Research’s AI and machine learning knowledge into an engine that will power aspects of Smarter Contracts’ data privacy platform, Pulse.

Pulse is a patent pending platform that provides individuals and businesses with greater security, trust, transparency, and control over how and where their personal data is being used. Building AI into this platform could enhance its capabilities substantially.

Wayne Lloyd, CEO of Smarter Contracts, said: “Our vision is to give people the tools they need to manage their data in the same way they can manage money… this partnership provides further validation of the quality and importance of Pulse and provides us with the scale we need to support our growing list of customers.”

Elder Research’s investment into Smarter Contracts demonstrates their continued focus on fostering new technologies and high-performance organisations that can provide value for their clients and benefits to wider society. Their clients have included Capital One, HSBC, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and numerous agencies of the US and Canadian governments.

“In my opinion, what Smarter Contracts is building is as important for our private data as what iTunes did for music when Apple introduced digital rights management. I think of Pulse as a data rights management platform, and we are excited to help take it forward, because the value to the end user and the market opportunities are enormous,” said Ramon Perez, managing director of Elder Research UK.

News of the two companies’ product launch is expected in April 2021.


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